Clay offers, through its many-faceted possibilities, an unusual spectrum of exceptional craftsmanship.  It is one of humanity’s  oldest creative techniques with wholistic effects.  Susanne Schmitt, who leads the studio since over thirty years, creates her ceramics using a combination of design, form, and craftsmanship that demonstrate both passion and love for the functional and unique pot.

In addition to pursuing her own creative interests, Susanne also offers a number of workshops and courses in the inspiring atmosphere of her new studio in an Art Nouveau house in Heidelberg Weststadt. In order to further the different interests and capability levels of course participants, specific course themes are offered with plenty of one-on-one instruction.

How we work
  • Intensive throwing and hand-building techniques
  • We work with high-fire stoneware clays that are both dishwasher-safe and oven-proof
Offered course
  • Continuous evening courses
  • Weekend workshops
Unique gifts for special occasions
  • Stoneware and Raku dishes

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